Apink Contract 2021

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Breaking Down Apink`s Contract for 2021: What Fans Should Know

Apink, the beloved South Korean girl group that debuted in 2011 under Plan A Entertainment (now known as Play M Entertainment), is set to celebrate their 10th anniversary this year. As fans eagerly anticipate their comeback and special projects, many wonder about the status of Apink`s contracts and the future of the group. In this article, we will provide an overview of Apink`s contract for 2021 and analyze some key aspects.

Term and Renewal

According to Play M Entertainment`s official statement released on January 6, 2021, Apink`s contract has been renewed for another year, starting from January 1. This means that the current members of Apink (Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Namjoo, and Hayoung) have chosen to extend their commitment to the agency and the group for at least one more album cycle. While it may seem like a short period, it`s worth noting that one year is a common duration for K-pop contracts, especially for established groups like Apink.

However, the statement also clarified that the renewal was not a full-scale contract extension, but rather a “minimum agreement” that allows both the agency and the members to negotiate and plan for the future. This means that after the one-year term expires, Apink`s fate may depend on various factors such as the members` individual plans, the agency`s strategies, and the fans` demand. It`s possible that Apink may decide to renew again, sign a new contract with different conditions, or disband (although that seems unlikely at this point).

Compensation and Profit Sharing

Another important aspect of Apink`s contract is the compensation and profit sharing system. While we don`t know the exact details of the contract, we can infer some general principles based on industry norms and previous statements from Play M Entertainment. In general, K-pop contracts include a base salary that covers the members` basic needs (such as housing, transportation, health insurance, and food), as well as performance-based incentives and bonuses that depend on the group`s success. For example, Apink may receive a larger share of the revenue if their album sales, concert tours, merchandise sales, and brand deals exceed certain thresholds.

However, the profit sharing system can also be a source of conflict and controversy in K-pop, as some fans and analysts argue that it`s often unfair and exploitative. In the past, Play M Entertainment has faced criticism for allegedly mistreating Apink and other artists, especially in terms of financial transparency and distribution. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the music industry, with many tours and events canceled or postponed, which may affect Apink`s earnings and opportunities. Therefore, it`s crucial for Play M Entertainment and Apink to establish a clear and fair compensation and profit sharing system that benefits both parties and respects the members` contributions and rights.

Roles and Activities

Lastly, Apink`s contract may specify the roles and activities of each member, both within the group and outside of it. For example, some members may have more singing lines or rap parts in a song, while others may focus on dancing or visual aesthetics. Additionally, Apink members may have individual schedules and projects that require approval or coordination with the agency. For instance, Naeun recently starred in the drama “The Spies Who Loved Me,” while Chorong and Bomi are known for their variety show appearances and MC gigs.

The contract may also contain clauses related to behavior and image. While Apink is generally known for their wholesome and charming image, the K-pop industry is notorious for its strict standards and regulations. Play M Entertainment may impose certain rules and restrictions on the members` personal lives and public behavior, such as dating bans, curfews, and dress codes. Although these clauses may seem intrusive or unfair, they are not uncommon in the K-pop world and can be seen as a way to protect the members` reputation and prevent scandals.


In conclusion, Apink`s contract for 2021 reveals some important insights into the group`s future and relationship with Play M Entertainment. While it`s good news that Apink has renewed their contract for another year, fans should also be aware of the uncertainties and challenges that lie ahead, such as the pandemic`s impact on the music industry, the members` personal plans, and the agency`s management strategies. Moreover, fans should continue to support Apink and advocate for fair treatment and compensation for all K-pop artists. Here`s to a bright and successful year for Apink!